Profil du pilote VTA319

Nom : Roberto Rizzo
Callsign : VTA319
Localisation : Italy Italy
Date d'inscription : 19/08/2017
VID IVAO : 436016
Heures totales : 22
Total des vols : 37
Distance parcourue : 4 174 nm
Passagers transportés : 922
Salaire total (Cours actuel : 0.3$/nm): 1 252,20 $
Grade : Elève Pilote (EP)
Présentation :
Simmer since FS 5.1, former member of BAW Virtual, Air Cargo Express, Alitalia, Air Dolomiti Virtual, FedEx VAC and FlyBe Virtual (they had to close due to real FlyBe issues). At the moment Air France Virtuel Commandant de bord long courriere certifiè Concorde AFR2202 and Wideroe Virtual WIF0706 (Majestic Dash8 fun since FlyBe problems). I had the pleasure and the luck to stay in July 1969 in French Polynesia with my parents, just an 9 yo boy. Three weeks in Moorea Club Mediterranee, some days in Bora Bora, and some in Raiatea. I remember quite well those days, and if I forgot something there's an old super8 movie my father took at the time, now on DVD, I like to watch at in some time to time. Owner of Tahiti Aerosoft, I bought some weeks ago the Flightscene, adapted my P3D for best performance with almost no stutters and enjoyed some VFR flights all around. So I said why don't I join Air Tahiti Virtual and jump on my Twotter? When Milviz will release its ATR I'll be ready.  


Award Description

Les 10 derniers vols

Date De A Durée Distance
11/08/2019 NTAA NTTH 00:34:00 100 nm
14/07/2019 NTAA NTTM 00:15:00 25 nm
20/06/2019 NCRG NTAA 02:01:00 1000 nm
19/05/2019 NTTB NTAA 01:23:00 120 nm
26/04/2019 NTTM NTTR 00:44:00 99 nm
23/04/2019 NTAA NTTM 00:12:00 30 nm
09/02/2019 NTTM NTAA 00:25:00 45 nm
01/01/2019 LFLJ LIMF 00:43:00 45 nm
07/12/2018 LSGG LSGG 00:41:00 45 nm
24/10/2018 NTTB NTTR 00:18:00 45 nm

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