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Foto Job

Owner (CEO) : Ugo Cabrol - VTA001

Owner of the company, and of the hosting of the website and the forum.

Main missions :

  • Appoint the CDE and other members of staff in consultation with the CDE
  • Ensure public relations with IVAO, real company and any other actor
  • Write and update the rules of procedure
  • Manage the website and forum

The post of the owner is not editable.

To contact him : ugo.cabrol[at]

In charge of the Exploitation (CDE) : Alain Larios - VTA113

Main missions :

  • Manage the coordination of the staff, the activity (events, tours etc.), the staff meeting, the relationship
  • Manage the roster based on the pilot activity
  • Manage the activity (event, tours, workshop etc.)
  • Write the rules for acceptance of the Pilot Report (PIREP)
  • Manage the website and the forum
  • Approve flight reports PIREP
  • Assign awards

To contact him : alain.larios[at]

In charge of the Events (CE) : Philippe Grimbert - VTA140

Main missions :

  • Define and plan the events (according with the events calendar of the IVAO PF division)
  • Make a watch on the events from other VA/Divisions
  • Make a watch on the FS addons (aircraft, repaint, scenery etc..)
  • Approve flight reports PIREP
  • Assign awards

To contact him : philippe.grimbert[at]

Web Developper (WD) : Ugo Cabrol - VTA001

Main missions :

  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance of the web site (update the code based on the host)
  • Implement new web solutions depending of the evolution of the activity of the VA
  • Assist the staff in development projects

To contact him : ugo.cabrol[at]